It's a mad world

My life is one of those "you had to be there" jokes

take it as it comes
Elain's new thing is lining up all his toy cars (which are a LOT) and then I have to ask him to show me certain ones. I.E. "where is the police car?" and then he points out the police car and makes the siren noise. He can name them all too. a Pick-up truck is a Peeo truck, dump truck is a trucktruck, crane is a wane.

He also like to walk around the house and organize who's is who's. So he'll grab my shoes and say "Mummy's shooooo" and then one of his toys and very loudly ask "MINE?" ... "Yes Darling, that ones yours".

He's a big ol mummy's boy now too! I love it. Cuddles, kisses... holds my hand, grabs hold of my jeans and pulls me around to show me things. Pats the seat next to him for me to join him at whatever activity he is doing. I LOVE IT.

Especially because he now gives me those love eyes. Looks into my eyes and rests his head on my forehead and I just want to melt.


I want another baby nownownow, but Phil and I have both agreed It'd be best to wait until we move to the USA which hopefully will be in the next 18 months, if not I'm not waiting any longer.



Bad mummy
i is dumb
I'm rubbish.

Piccalo makes me realize how crap I am at updating on Elian's progress and milestones etc. Or even taking note of them. I mean I do... take note of them. But I think because he's my first I don't think about how old he is when he starts doing new stuff or learning new things because I have nothing to compare it with.


Also I am on holiday this week... Not like "See ya, I'm off to Spain!" Holiday, just not working holiday. Husband turned 40 on Friday and I am having his midlife crisis for him. 40 IS SO OLD. I'm totally freaking out while he's all Mr. Cool. I mean, 40!! Remember when you were 15 and you thought 20 was like Reeeeally old? Well imagine being 24 (me) and then thinking about 40 (him)....IT'S REALLY OLD.

Anyways, we're enjoying not working and doing trips to the zoo and aquarium and lots of shopping. Even started buying Elian's Christmas presents.

I feel like a horrible mother. We bought him this. He is going to freaking LOVE it. He is constantly sweeping and dusting the house and whenever he see's someone sweeping (like in shops etc.) he goes ape shit and is all "SHWEEP SHWEEP!!!".

So we bought him a Cleaning Trolly and I feel a bit like I'm gonna have the Social Services over to arrest me for child labor. But he likes it! Really!

My son is aspiring to be a road sweep.


Am also doing a toss up on buying him a drum set or a piano...OR a car park. He loves cars. Cars and sweeping. That's his thing. And football. Like Soccer. He's pretty darn good too.

Maybe I'll save the musical instrument for his birthday.

hi there
thats me
Been a while. Got a message from piccolo bugging me to post. okieokie. :)

Lots has been going on. Am deep into therapy and dealing with my past so Sensitive? I've been spending any and all spare time baking because I've found it really calms me. I've actually had people (friends and co-workers) order cakes from me because it seems I've got a knack. Maybe in a few years and with a lot more practice something I could get more serious about.

I'm so so SO freaking broody right now it's stupid. I'm plotting and planning Phil and I's never baby. He says we can't until he gets a better paid job and get somewhere else to live (3 beds rather than 2). I'm hoping though that we can try and get pregnant next spring/early summer. Fingers crossed!

Elian is a BOY now. No more baby left it seems. He talks a lot, though not sentences but he has a lot of words. I'm pretty sure he's ready for potty training but his nursery doesn't potty train until 2 so I'm apprehensive to train him myself in case he feels like the "out cast" at nursery and regresses. No rush though, I know it'll go easier and faster if I wait until he's reeeeally ready.

I'm in the midst of organizing a huge 40th surprise birthday party for Phil. Booked a band, naked lady cake, food, venue, invited 80+ guest with 40 confirmed. Still waiting for another few to confirm.

I'm hoping people show up, because I know how it is. If they don't show up and it's a total flop I will personally go around to people's residents and Oh yes.

I also have the flu or something right now. Body acccches so much. But I'm trucking on. Got two cakes to make today for some work collegues so no rest for the wicked. I do much better if I'm kept busy though.

Super man
thats me
Elian can not climb onto our couch. It's leather and has a curved edge so it's always been too slippery for him to get a grip on it.

Last night after his bath he was running around naked (air drying, yo) and I went into his nursery to get his nappy and PJ's. I can hear him laughing and he starts calling "mama! mama!" but with excitement.

So I stroll out and I kid you not, there is he, naked as the day he was born balancing precariously on the ARM of the sofa. THE ARM. His little toes hanging over the edge. I think I had a heart attack. I screamed and jumped for him and whipped him into my arms. The whole time he was laughing.

I am assuming he got a grip on the couch because he was naked. He didn't look unbalanced either, he looked like he KNEW what he was doing and he was so proud that he'd made it up there and was balancing and wanted me too see. He didn't look like he was about to step off and I think if I hadn't had grabbed him he would have waited for me to get him down.

But shit man.... I was so so shocked to see him up there I felt sick.

But now looking back I wish I had a photo because ahahahah Naked baby balancing on the arm of the couch. Too funny. :)

Taking note
Now that Elian has started using words more I've come to realize that he understands pretty much everything I say (just chooses to ignore me a lot of the time :P).

Like I never really thought about it before but he always answers my questions. Would you like a yogurt? nod of the head. Shall we go out side? Nods and runs to get his shoes. Do you need a nappy change? Runs away shaking his head... I talk a lot to him, like all the time. About my plans for the house, what we're going to do that week, my childhood in California. it's weird to think now that he is listening and absorbing it and I'm not just talking to myself.

Also I've noticed I understand him, even though he doesn't always use the right or full word. Like when he wants water he points to the fridge and says "wogah". when he sees a dog, he points and barks. When he sees a lion (obviously not a real one, but like a statue or toy or picture) he growls. A car is a KAK. A bus is a Ba. Whenever he climbs stairs or marches around the house he says "stepstepstep".

I've gotten so use to these things that I didn't even realize like the developmental weight of them.

I know it'll be a while still until he really starts talking etc. but it's exciting to realize actually, I know what he wants/needs by the way he communicates with me.

Makes me feel all warm inside.

I've been having a feeling of domestic bliss since Saturday. It's pretty neat.

Lunch time!
Today we went to support the Race for Life runners and have a picnic in the park with some of Phil's work colleagues and their families. So I made and took, Jalapeno Corn Bread, BBQ shredded chicken and coleslaw filled rolls, peanut butter cupcakes with cream cheese frosting (for the kids) and margarita cupcakes with lime frosting for the adults.

Of course I was thinking fondly of Brenda while whipping up the margarita cupcakes (laced with lots of tequila) and have vowed myself to make them for her next time we meet (it will happen, yo. I can't stay away forever!).

And here are some yummy picturesCollapse )

thats me
Elian has been "talking" a lot lately. He's said Mama and Dada for aaaaaggeesss and also says "uh oh" when he drops something and he's been sayig "Hiya" for a while too when he waves to people.

YESTERDAY he said "Hello" to his nanny. like properly, walked in the door and was all "hello". I was so phsyced.

TODAY I was in the bedroom with him and Phil walked in and he said "Hello Daddy" PERFECTLY. And Phil looked at him shocked and was "hello Elian" And Elian smiled at him and waved. I was like trying to hold in my squeals of delight and then Phil left the room and then came back in and said "Hello Elian" and Elian looked at him and waved and said "Hello Daddy"


So out of no where though... ugh. my heart can't handle the love.

yay baby!!

Baby food
Interperative Dance
I fancied something Mexican today, and i also fancied not having too cook.

So I layered some par-boiled rice, boneless-skinless chicken thighs, kidney beans, a 14oz jar of taco sauce, a cup of chicken stock and then covered with two cups of grated cheddar. Layered in the crock pot and cooked it for 4 hours on low.

Tastes GREAT. BUT I think I cooked the rice too long because it is a very mushy dish..almost like thick baby food. So of course.... Elian LOVES it. This is the first Mexican dish I've made for him that he's enjoyed. Hurrah!

Easy peasy and I think it'll freeze nicely too. :)

Torchwood Ep 4
thats me

I... I.... Am in shock. SHOCK.

Can't wait for tonight's final episode....

Good or bad?
What do you think constitues a good person?


I'm reading "How to be good" by Nick Hornby and it's got me thinking.

Do you think you are a good person? and why?


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